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we have been hearing it being played, not only on radio, but also in numerous shows,on  television.
The huge jump in this song’s popularity really started after Pharrell Williams performed it in the cademy Awards.
If this song sounds familiar and rings a bell, it is because “Happy” is taken from the OST of the movie “Despicable Me 2″ although it was first featured as the lead single taken from Pharrell’s second solo album entitled ‘G I R L’.

Let’s start  first with Pharrell’s vocal work. He delivers all his words with so much ease. Plus, there is also a distinctive soulful quality to his voice which adds to the mass appeal and friendly warmth to this single.
.  “Happy” is kind of “old school” category because you can  hear influences of Motown in the song.
It does make sense, therefore, why Pharrell opted for a more classic and refined approach to the production of “Happy”–it is no secret that Pharrell Williams love the famous artists under Motown Records who where famous in the 60’s to the 70’s, like the great Smokey Robinson.the track is played almost on non-stop rotation from music channels and on radio stations.

with the difference with other songs, there are no hidden messages here.in happy,
The message is very clear. It is all about having a positive attitude and stay happy:) despite how  sad the events can be. When you can have a cheerful disposition in life, everything will look “bright” and “sunny” and way better than it really is.

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