this is the last videoclip of Lady Gaga with Beyonce in featuring:
I am sure you will enjoy this colored video!! with 2 big stars of the RNB

"Telephone" is a song recorded by Lady Gaga which feat Beyoncé for Gaga's third EPThe song was written by Gaga, Rodney Jerkins, LaShawn Daniels, Lazonate Franklin and Beyoncé. Inspired by her fear of suffocation, Gaga explained that the lyrics preferring relaxing on the dance floor to answering her lover's phone call are a metaphor, the phone calling her representing the fear of not having worked hard enough to succeed. Originally, Gaga wrote the song for Britney Spears, who recorded a demo. Musically, "Telephone" consists of an expanded bridgeverse-rap and a sampled voice of an operator announcing that the phone line is unreachable. Beyoncé appears in the middle of the song, singing the verses in a rapid-fire way, accompanied by double beats.

cover video

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